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Our exterior and interior worlds guide us, and I examine those unseen layers. Contrary to our subconscious, my layers in resin are fully exposed and vulnerable. I work to reveal the authenticity of what we all hide. Each work in a new set of risks and potential rewards.

I live and work in Brooklyn.


I work in mixed media and often I simple find a way to work with what’s on hand. I like the variety it allows for my work.

The one material that I make sure to have on hand is a two-part epoxy resin from ArtResin. ArtResin is a wonderful resin. They infuse it with magical science so that it cures hard and does not yellow. Their site has a vast learning section with tutorials, tips, and ideas for work with resin. They also did a quite nice interview with me.

You can find out more about the resin I use at ArtResin.com.



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Beautiful Bizarre (Revealing the Unseen) 04/18

Hi-Fructose (Depth Charge review) 05/18

Supersonic Art

Juxtapoz (Materialization, review) 08/16




Rehs Contemporary (ARC Select, 6 person show)    Opening October 28 2017

Haven Gallery (Into the Woods, group invitational)
Haven Gallery (Ornamented, group invitational)
Mazza Museum (Villains, group invitational)

Gallery 1988, multiple group invitationals


Haven Gallery (“Materialization,” Solo Show)

The Canton Museum of Art (“The Art of Imaginative Realism,” small group invitational)
The Drawing Room (“Soak it Up,” small group invitational)
Gallery 1988 (“Reruns,” group show)
Krab Jab Gallery (“Dream Cover,” small group invitational)
Lost Art Gallery (“I. M.ust C.reate,” small group invitational)


Cotton Candy Machine Biannual (submissional, NYC)
Parallax Art Fair (invitational, NYC)
Iluxcon (Main Show, Allentown Art Museum)
Haven Gallery (Oct 10, “Into the Woods” group show)
Haven Gallery (August gallery opening)
Krab Jab (Faerie, group show)


Muses of Mount Helikon II (group show)
Helikon Gallery, Denver CO

Temple of Art (group show)
La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Abstract Narrative (group show, artist/curator)
Enve Gallery, NY NY

Illuxcon (juried group show)
Allentown Art Museum, Allentown PA


Muses of Mount Helikon (group show)
Helikon Gallery, Denver CO


Spectrum 18, 19, 20, 21 (juried)

Infected by Art, Vol 2 (juried)


Adobe Photoshop Magazine (feature)

Corel Painter Magazine (feature)

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Every Day Original (curator/founder) – Small original art pieces, for sale, every day.
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Smart School (instructor / tech guru)
Illustration Master Class (guest AD)
ICON : The Illustration Conference (Board Member)
Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (VP / Show Chair, 2015)

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