Hi Booooooom!

I’ve been a big fan for a long time, and am thrilled to share my work with you.

I’ve included a brief Bio and Statement at the bottom of this page for you.


What I don’t say there is that I moved from commercial work into fine art in 2016, and in the past two years feel like I’ve been stapled to the road runner. Experimenting, evolving, and emerging has been my daily breath.


My connection to my work has never been stronger, and I hope you enjoy what I consider my greatest hits.



Venus, a painting by Marc Scheff
Marc Scheff bio image

studio shots by Sarah Shalene Photography

Marc Scheff is an award-winning artist based in New York City known for his unique dimensional conceptual portraits in layers of resin.


I obsess over materials, and seek to use familiar stuff in unfamiliar ways. In my work (and my life) I seek to reveal unseen layers. Contrary to our subconscious, my layers in resin are fully exposed and vulnerable. I work to reveal the authenticity of what we all hide. Each work is a new set of risks and potential rewards.

I live and work in Brooklyn.


Marc Scheff is best known using a method he developed to create figurative-based work, made sculptural in layers of epoxy resin. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine has called his work “emotionally touching, intellectually stimulating, and imaginative portraiture.” He works with materials on hand, making each body of work uniquely emotionally reflective.